Well it’s only taken me about two years to write my first post… I really don’t think I’m a natural blogger…! and it’s fitting that it’s Guylty who has nudged me into doing so.

As you can tell from the photo much of my RA collection comes from her fertile imagination and brilliant photographic skills. Β And this is only a small proportion! Only one RAPS on show at the moment, but there are others… πŸ˜‰

Thanks are also due to the wonderful Sinnamin for the plushies (I just adore the fact that you can specify with or without eyebrows. Such a subtlety that completely changes RA the sweetie into RA the smoulderer 😊)

Anyway this is my bedroom windowsill, next to my computer desk, and although the individual items get switched around the two fabulous Guylty photos are always there to give me inspiration.

Have a super Valentine’s Day, whatever it brings you. Β I have to say it’s never done much for me, being married to a not-at-all romantic soul, but luckily RA is always there on the windowsill to cheer me up 😊


6 thoughts on “CelebRAteLove”

  1. Hooray – good to see you here, Helen. Thank you for sharing your collection – it’s lovely to see it. (And of course I am quite chuffed to be represented in it with my work.) I love the plushies – you have a lovely collection there. They really work so well with each other. From a “styling” point of view, it always looks so much better when you have more than *one* item of a kind…


  2. Helen, you are awesome. Wonderful of you to start your blog and love your window sill. Maybe I will follow you in a few years. I mustn’t be hasty about it. πŸ™‚


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