#flatrichie gives up his gifts

Back at home and #flatrichie has been having a chinwag with lots of people he recognised…


But you want to know about the loot 😉  Like Donna before, me I had a hard job choosing.  There are some delicious things in that box, in many different ways!  But my first choice involves one of my favourite characters, who is sadly missing in my collection: the delectable Ricky.  And when paired with Guy in full leathers these two magnets are going to break out into the kitchen and on to the fridge.  The first time RA will have crept out of my bedroom (so to speak)… 🙄 Before they get downstairs though here’s a shot on my laptop, as I thought you might like to see my wallpaper.


Next I fell in love with the calendar of Irish scenes, which I have no doubt is Guylty’s gorgeous photography! Ireland (and especially the West) is my happy place so this is perfect for me.


And last but very much not least, I hope I’m not being too greedy.  I already have one of Guylty’s fantastic bags and I use it every day to carry my tools between home and the Studio.  😊 This one will also go into daily use, possibly to keep more order on my chaotic beading board!  This is my favourite of her themed fabrics.  I love the colours and it represents John Thornton, Guy, Lucas and Thorin – irresistible!


So there are my three delicious goodies from the #flatrichie package of delight!  I’m intending to repack add my three items and have Richie back on the road tomorrow – guess where he’s going next?  It’s a tricky time for posting things but I’m keeping everything crossed that he’ll arrive safely at his next destination.

Who knows, this fun might get me posting more.  We’ll see! And in the meantime, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday, especially if you are under stress or suffering in some other way.  May you be able to take a little time for yourself and maybe even get some rest.  Merry Christmas.

Helen ❤️




26 thoughts on “#flatrichie gives up his gifts”

  1. Am I loser for wincing when I saw magnets on top of a laptop? (the harddrive on that model is on the right, though, I’m pretty sure). It looks like you all were having a charming time!

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  2. Oh fab fab fab – another post for the curious followers of Flat Richie’s journey. Glad you found some stuff in the parcel that you like. Those magnets are extra cool – hehe, not mine, btw, but I know who must have put them in there… It’s getting more and more interesting for me now, because new things are filling up the parcel, and I just can’t wait to see what everybody is coming up with.
    Loved to see your plushie collection btw, and have to say that you have an exquisite taste in photographs. *coughs*

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  3. I’m actually very pleased to hear the magnets aren’t yours, because I felt guilty (sic) that I chose all your stuff! So whoever made them, they are indeed super cool 😍

    You like my taste in photos? 😂 I wonder why that could be…

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  4. Yay for your choices. The calendar is beautiful and the bag is great. I love mine very much.
    Selfishly, I’m particularly delighted that you liked the magnets. Ricky is very much underappreciated IMO and that song immediately came to mind when I first saw him. And now you and Guylty are magnet twins with leather Guy.

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      1. I may have stolen that or at the very least been inspired by a Twitter convo but I don’t remember exactly. 🤷🏻‍♀️ It’s definitely true though.

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  5. There were so many fun things to choose from and I think your choices are great, Helen. And all of them very easy on the eyes in their own special way. 😍 Kudos to Guylty and Kate for their creative talent. Wishing you a Merry Christmas. PS if I had your wall paper on my computer I’d never get past my home screen. 😉

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  6. Well John Thornton was my entry drug and Guy is heavenly too… but I do have a penchant for pale skinny men and Lucas does that so well 😊 I must be one of the few who love it when RA loses bulk! Everyone else seems to want to feed him pies, but not me 😂


    1. Helen, I like the Proctor hunky chunky look although I came in through Daniel first season, clean shaven but beards have grown on me (sorry Guylty!) I like Lucas wardrobe the best very modern especially those Belstaff jackets. Thornton though is swoon worthy and Guy takes the top prize!!!

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  7. Hi Helen! Looks like you scored some good stuff. I had no idea you made beautiful glass beads and such. Your studio looks amazing.Have a great Christmas enjoying your new goodies from the magic package.

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