Elf and Safety

As you may know, I play with fire.  Specifically, with a propane and oxygen torch flame with which I melt glass rods and turn them into glass beads and then jewellery. Here’s a quick shot so you get the picture…


Quite a big (very hot) flame, lots of opportunities to burn myself (yes, happens reasonably frequently) and therefore health and safety is a consideration.  Well, it should be, anyway. Lampworkers do sometimes get a bit blasé about danger…

One of Guylty’s recent roundups galloped to the rescue.  It contained the perfect image and message, with the most bewitching expression of mischief on that familiar elven-eared face… and the pointing finger that cannot be ignored.


I hope you like the magnets holding RA in place 😉 I thnk the butterfly suits him, don’t you?

In case you’re wondering, the tins around him on the magnetic board contain murrini, little glass segments that I use to add detail to my glass beads.  You know Italian millefiori pieces? Like this?


Well the individual pieces that make up this pendant are called murrini, and I tend to use them individually to decorate my beads.  Like this… Anyway, thats what those tins contain, among other things.


I thought you might be interested to see what other RA related items might be lurking round my workbench…

82a24ebc-8191-4383-8988-d860a2cb8a56I know, very messy, but I only have to glance to my left to gain support and inspiration 😊

Lurking right behind me, where my annealing kiln sits, Lucas has my back 😉

5b250cd5-d80b-418f-acc1-0704f259f983You will of course realise that every one of these items (with the ecxeption of Health and Safety) originated in that stupendously imaginative mind of the one and only Guylty… so let’s finish with a close up of my Lucas Christmas bauble from a couple of years ago, which never made it to the tree because I wanted to be able to look at it all year! Wouldn’t you? ❤️


Thank you, Guylty, for all the wonderful, funny, beautiful and inspiring things you have sent me since I joined the fandom.  And thanks too for all the other wonderful friendships that have resulted from that dratted chaRActer, John Thornton! I’m well and truly beyond my gateway drug now but I’m still delighted to be here, among this hugely supportive network of lovely people.



#flatrichie gives up his gifts

Back at home and #flatrichie has been having a chinwag with lots of people he recognised…


But you want to know about the loot 😉  Like Donna before, me I had a hard job choosing.  There are some delicious things in that box, in many different ways!  But my first choice involves one of my favourite characters, who is sadly missing in my collection: the delectable Ricky.  And when paired with Guy in full leathers these two magnets are going to break out into the kitchen and on to the fridge.  The first time RA will have crept out of my bedroom (so to speak)… 🙄 Before they get downstairs though here’s a shot on my laptop, as I thought you might like to see my wallpaper.


Next I fell in love with the calendar of Irish scenes, which I have no doubt is Guylty’s gorgeous photography! Ireland (and especially the West) is my happy place so this is perfect for me.


And last but very much not least, I hope I’m not being too greedy.  I already have one of Guylty’s fantastic bags and I use it every day to carry my tools between home and the Studio.  😊 This one will also go into daily use, possibly to keep more order on my chaotic beading board!  This is my favourite of her themed fabrics.  I love the colours and it represents John Thornton, Guy, Lucas and Thorin – irresistible!


So there are my three delicious goodies from the #flatrichie package of delight!  I’m intending to repack add my three items and have Richie back on the road tomorrow – guess where he’s going next?  It’s a tricky time for posting things but I’m keeping everything crossed that he’ll arrive safely at his next destination.

Who knows, this fun might get me posting more.  We’ll see! And in the meantime, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday, especially if you are under stress or suffering in some other way.  May you be able to take a little time for yourself and maybe even get some rest.  Merry Christmas.

Helen ❤️




#FlatRichie has landed (again)!

I’m not even going to try to work out how long it is since I posted on here (hangs head in shame).  Too long.  And guess what, it’s all down to the indefatigable Guylty that I’m here again, because – fanfare fit for a Royal wedding – Flat Richie has arrived in the UK  😊😍😃

First of all, apologies to Donna, host #2, who was worried that #flatrichie had gone awol. He was indeed delivered on Monday, Donna, but I wasn’t in my Studio until today 😫


Here it is on my workbench… in case you’re wondering, my studio is where I make glass beads and jewellery so it’s a mess of torch, glass rods, metal rods around which I wrap the melted glass to make a bead, tools… and actually this is pretty tidy for me!

Then I had pesky things like customers to fend off (sorry, serve!) before I could give way to my excitement and open the box!  Ooo, shiny…


Now obviously I can’t show you all the contents but there are some pretty special things in the box 😊

Flat Richie you’ve already seen, but here he is again after taking a look at my glass rods.  Thorin commented that I seem to have a glass habit. *Cough* I think he was just jealous, tbh.


That’s it for now as there are beads waiting to be made, but I will show you my choices this evening or tomorrow and let you know when Flat Richie takes off again! Thanks again to Guylty for setting in train such a lovely activity!

Helen ❤️

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More CelebRAtion!

When I’m pretending to be productive I make glass beads at my little shop/studio. My bench is usually pretty untidy with glass rods and tools all over the place and sometimes the clutter includes some RA teams that live here rather than at home… note the magnets, the fabulous North Pole bauble, various baby RAPS, and a whole host of Valentines delights courtesy of (you guessed it) Guylty…

Guylty knew I had had a visit to hospital and was kind enough to send me all sorts of goodies to cheer me up.  It certainly worked.  😄



Well it’s only taken me about two years to write my first post… I really don’t think I’m a natural blogger…! and it’s fitting that it’s Guylty who has nudged me into doing so.

As you can tell from the photo much of my RA collection comes from her fertile imagination and brilliant photographic skills.  And this is only a small proportion! Only one RAPS on show at the moment, but there are others… 😉

Thanks are also due to the wonderful Sinnamin for the plushies (I just adore the fact that you can specify with or without eyebrows. Such a subtlety that completely changes RA the sweetie into RA the smoulderer 😊)

Anyway this is my bedroom windowsill, next to my computer desk, and although the individual items get switched around the two fabulous Guylty photos are always there to give me inspiration.

Have a super Valentine’s Day, whatever it brings you.  I have to say it’s never done much for me, being married to a not-at-all romantic soul, but luckily RA is always there on the windowsill to cheer me up 😊